I am not running to rubber stamp a party agenda. Whether you vote for a Democrat or for a Republican, you can't guarantee they'll vote with you in mind. Their party structure works by strong-arming your Representatives into voting their way for their agenda. I promise to represent the good people of Dover.

That's why I am completely open to hearing YOUR ideas. I am thrilled at the idea of going to work in Concord to represent you. If you have any thoughts on laws you wish to see implemented, or wish to know my position on something not listed here, Contact Me, and let me know. Ask me anything.

Libertarians believe in the power of the individual, the power of you. We believe that we are inherently kind and helpful to our neighbors. We believe in community, and charity. We believe that you know what is best for you and your family, instead of lawmakers separated from their voters.

We have faith in humanity. I have faith in you.


Education and Workforce Training: Education is evolving, and we must keep up with the times. We need to modernize our education systems to provide our children the tools they need to succeed in the New Hampshire economy. Our local businesses have a vested interest in assisting our educators in creating programs that will meet the needs of the New Hampshire economy. When elected, I will support legislation that strengthens our connection between local businesses and education, and do so without raising taxes.

Property Tax Cap: A person's home is their castle. We shouldn't fear being taxed out of our own home. That's why I will support ideas like Florida's Homestead law, which freezes your personal home's property taxes the day you buy it until the day you sell, if it is your personal primary residence.

The Opioid Crisis: Addiction is a medical issue. The sooner we start treating addicts like patients and less like criminals, the sooner we will stop losing our friends and children to heroin and other opiods. I will support voluntary treatment options like Manchester's Safe Station, which has treated over a thousand people and has been one of the linchpins in dropping the overdose rate in that city. It costs over $100/a day to incarcerate someone. Treatment will not only save lives, it will save taxpayers money in the long run. I support bills that will channel funding towards non-profits that deal directly with drug rehabilitation

Taxes: In New Hampshire, we enjoy the lowest tax burden of any other state in the country, and I will vote to keep it that way. I will not vote for any new taxes, and I will push to lower your taxes every chance I get. You know how to better spend your money than those who are in Concord, and I will fight to allow you to keep it.

Gender Identity/LGBTQ/GSM Communities: I support an individual's right to self-determination and to live their lives without discrimination. Your rights are equal to everyone's, and I will protect and defend those rights in Concord. When another Transgender anti-discrimination bill comes before the house, I will vote for it.

The Environment: Our state's natural beauty is amazing. I will fight to protect our natural resources, and I will vote to hold people who pollute accountable for their actions.

Jobs and Economy: Government doesn't create jobs, businesses do. The state can only create an environment where businesses can flourish and create opportunity. I will support bills that lower the barriers to competition, lower the cost of doing business so companies can invest in their own growth, and encourage business owners to do what's right for their employees.




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