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IMG_4525.JPGMotivated by the negativity surrounding the 2016 election, Brian Shields decided there needed to be more honest citizen legislators in politics. When the special election was announced for Strafford 13, he seized the opportunity to make it happen.

Brian grew up in the small town of Spencer, Massachusetts. His father, Dan is an entrepreneur who created his own industry recycling pieces from pre-Civil War houses to people who refurbish their homes to period style. His mother, Lori, lives in Florida and is retired.

During his high school years, his family spent every other weekend during the summer on Lake Winnisquam in Merideth, NH.

After graduating from David Prouty High School in 1998, Brian enlisted in the United States Air Force and was stationed at Dover AFB in Delaware as an Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Technician on C-5 cargo aircraft. After serving a little over four years, he separated honorably in October of 2002.

He stayed in Delaware until 2012, when he moved to Bridgewater, Massachusetts to be closer to family and when a family health crisis occurred in 2014, he moved again to Meredith, NH to help his Grandmother and Uncle. After the crisis was averted, he moved to Ashland, NH for a year before resettling in Dover, NH in April of 2016.

Brian is currently employed by News America Marketing and is studying to get his Communications Degree at Southern New Hampshire University.

After volunteering for Larry Lessig's short 2016 Presidential Primary campaign, he joined the Johnson/Weld 2016 campaign as a volunteer, soon registering for the Libertarian Party and the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. He is currently Vice Chair of LPSeacoast, a local affiliate of the Libertarian Party of NH that covers Strafford and Rockingham Counties. He is also on too many committees to count. He is working hard to grow the Libertarian Party into a viable third voice in New Hampshire politics.

Brian also serves as the Communications Director of the NH House Libertarian Caucus and can be found in the gallery during most of the NH House sessions.



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